Client / Depositor

Following type of individuals or non-individuals can open an account with Repository Participant (RP). The applicant needs to fill-up the account opening form, sign the Rights & Obligations agreement with RP, accept the tariff chart and follow CCRL Bye-laws and Business Rules at all times.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant should not be debarred by any regulatory authority in India like WDRA, SEBI, PFRDA, IRDA etc.

Following type and sub-type of accounts are allowed by CCRL

Sr. No. Client Type Subtype
1 Individual Individual
2 Individual Eligible Foreign Entities (EFEs)
3 Individual Private Trust/ Trustee
4 Corporate One Person Company (OPC)
5 Corporate Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
6 Corporate Corporate Body- Domestic
7 Corporate Corporate Body-OCB
8 Corporate Corporate Body-Govt Company
9 Corporate Corporate Body-Central Govt
10 Corporate Corporate Body-State Govt
11 Corporate Corporate Body- Cooperative Bank
12 Corporate Corporate Body- NBFC
13 Corporate Corporate Body- Non NBFC
14 Corporate Corporate Body- Co operative
15 Corporate Eligible Foreign Entities (EFEs)
16 Corporate Mutual Fund
17 Corporate Corporate Private Limited Company
18 Clearing Member Clearing Member
19 Clearing Member CM-Client Margin Pledge Account
20 Bank Bank-Foreign
21 Bank Bank-Co-operative
22 Bank Bank-Nationalized
23 Bank Bank-Others
24 Clearing Corporation House
25 Clearing Corporation Withheld
26 Clearing Corporation Collateral
27 Firm Partnership Firm
28 Firm Proprietary Concern
29 Trading Member Trading Member
30 Trading Member TM-Client Margin Pledge Account
31 Trust Registered Trust/Public Trust
32 Trust SEBI Recognized
33 Trust Private Trust
34 Other Repository Account


Standard account opening forms and other documents are given here-

1) Account Opening Form-Individual
2) Account Opening Form Non-Individual
3) Rights and Obligations between Depositor (Client) and RP


For Tariff related queries, kindly get in touch with CCRL empaneled Repository Participants (RPs) or CCRL helpdesk.